[thelist] Lightweight Mac Web Server?

Zachary Mutrux zacm at etr.org
Thu Aug 17 10:03:38 CDT 2000

Lightweight ‚ PHP, Perl, and SSI!

If you're really just looking for a lightweight web server, try the Mac's
Web Sharing Control Panel. Microsoft also makes a tiny web server for the
Mac: Personal Web Sharing. I have it on my machine, but I can't remember
where I got it.

To my knowledge, PHP won't run on the Mac OS.

If your hard drive is big enough, partition it and set it up to dual-boot
freeBSD or GNU/Linux. You can then serve to yourself using Apache and any
other modules you like, including PHP.

If that sounds too daunting, try searching for servers at
www.macdownload.com or www.tucows.com : look for Quid Pro Quo.

<tip type="mac servers">
When serving locally on the MacOS (that is, just to yourself), you can type
http:/// in IE 5.0 to get whatever is in your root directory; no need to
type in your IP address or host name.


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