[thelist] OT (verbage)

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Thu Aug 17 11:22:23 CDT 2000

> >hey, i just missed out on buying a house by 20 mins (someone else got there
> >first - bloody Scottish law!), so I've a right to be pfssed!
> Is "pfssed" a Scots-Gaelic word?

I think he just forgot how to spell "fucking annoyed" ;)


<tip type="NT, aliases">

Sick of remembering your friend's IP, and/or having to type it in?

Head into WinNT/system32/drivers/etc/

Find a file called "Hosts"

Throw in a line using the format:

xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx	friendsname

(where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP you want)

Then, heading to http://friendsname/ in your browser will alias to their IP.

Use a similar technique to block doubleclick (by aliasing it to and
every other ad server you can think of. If you want a list of the ad servers I
block, contact me offlist.


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