[thelist] Server Changes

Daniel J. Cody djc at five2one.org
Thu Aug 17 12:12:15 CDT 2000

Hi Folks -

Due to a huge expansion in the number of people on thelist, I've(and
others) started noticing that emails are taking A Long Time to get sent
out to everyone. Sometimes its taking as long as 45 minutes to an hour.

Obviously, in my personal quest for the fastest email list out there,
this is unaccaptable :)

Also, I'm sure its annoying for many of you to have to wait for longer
periods of time to get and see answers to your questions/topics.. We've
always been used to speed around here with our mailing lists, and that
isn't going to change :)

So, I'm going to be making some changes this afternoon to get things on
the fast side again. Most notably, I'll be giving the axe to sendmail
and installing a different mail transport agent(MTA) called postfix.
Sendmail is good at many things. Sending out 1000+ emails within 60
seconds isn't one of them sadly. Postfix is well known for its speed and
is used by many lists on the 'net.. 

At any rate, while this is all taking place, you may notice a stop in
mail traffic on thelist sometime today, or you may get errors while
trying to post. Don't wory if you get errors or your email doesn't come
through right away, I'll try to make the switch as transparent as
possible for everyone.

If there are any questions comments or problems, please feel free to
drop me a line offlist.. Thanks for your patience :)


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