[thelist] Automatic download of document viewers??

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Thu Aug 17 16:03:40 CDT 2000

Jody Schiesser wrote:
> Can one automatically download viewers for document files (such as Word or Excel) when the user clicks on the document?
> I'd like to do this for a website I'm working with, as the users of the site are only somewhat computer literate, and it would be nice to make the process as simple as possible if they don't have Word or Excel installed on their machines.  Optimally, it would be great if they clicked on a Excel file, and a script could check if Excel or the Excel viewer exists on their machine, and if not, download the viewer and then display the Excel file.
> If anyone has ideas, I'd appreciate them!

If you are standardized on IE, you could probably do this with an ActiveX Object.

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