[thelist] oracle on linux

deboute benjamin deboute at fr.clara.net
Thu Aug 17 16:07:12 CDT 2000

hi voltees,

i now work ( a lot ) at claranet france, which is a fat fat ISP.
we're considering the possibility to switch from mysql ( which brakes our developement a lot ) to oracle ( which will give us some useful stress and nervous breakdowns ).

We have a lot of fairly huge bases with user infos we check on the different services we offer ( hosting, dial-up, hosting-and/or-dial-up-sold-as-a-service-to-other-people ), and we work a lot on linux ( free-bsd for our noc ).
We're now wondering if we should buy suns or keep our O.S.

Before we start browsing around for info and user-experience, has anyone here used oracle on linux in with really huge tables and a lot of database connections ?
Are all the funcitons of solaris orale avaliable on the linux porting ?


benjamin deboute
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