[thelist] Timing Out A Pop Up Window

Mike Migurski mike at cloudfactory.org
Thu Aug 17 16:52:38 CDT 2000

>I've got a client site that will require pop up windows to display 
>fabrics selected from a selection of thumbnails. I have a handy 
>javascript that automatically closes pop up windows upon selection of 
>another page or thumbnail. My concern is for those without java 
>enabled browsers or with java disabled. This script does not work at 
>all without java.
>I'd like to recognize if java is present and if not serve a different 
>pop up that will close after 15 seconds so when another fabric 
>selection is made if won't get trapped behind the parent window. I 
>guess this is two questions so I'll tip out.

you mean  javascript, not java, right? :)

>1. how to recognize if java is present and serve the alternate window.

there isn't a way to do this. The only way I have found is to use SSI's or
other server-side tests to check the agent string for browser
type. Unfortunately, if someone is using (for example) IE4 but they have
javascript disabled, then you have no way of knowing that.

>2. how to automatically close the window after a pre determined amount of time.

Use the setTimeout() method of the window object. For more information,


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