[thelist] SSI problem

deboute benjamin ben at fr.clara.net
Thu Aug 17 17:32:37 CDT 2000

>I am using SSI to include my navigation in my files.  The problem is that
>instead of replacing the file I want to leave, a new window is opened.  In
>case the words my fingers are typing do not make sense, here is what I mean:

1.ooooooooohmy !

2.<base target="middle"> after your SECOND head tag...

3.the browser is however sure to choke on pages like that .

how many html, head, body ending and closing tages have you got ?
how many stylesheets ?
the top layer crumbles down in NN4.5/win98.
you even have a quasi empty style definition
"<style type="text/css">


make some code-cleanup, and everything will go better.
don't forget that WYSIWYG tools are good for quick designing but are awful coders, check their code.

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