OT [thelist] re a little favor

deboute benjamin ben at fr.clara.net
Thu Aug 17 17:38:38 CDT 2000


i found it 2 days before on http://www.metafilter.com or http://www.memepool.com , i don't remember.

i haven't had the time to play around with it 'cuz i'm sure it's *VERY* time-consuming, but it is a 'salvaged laptop' environnement in DHTML and flash.

The 'laptop' 'belonged' to a 'diseappeared acheologist'.
looks kinda blairwitch-like.

<tip author="deboute benjamin" type="php">
not a big one, just a warning.
it seems that in php4+, ulr_encoded/decoded variables ( not strings ) are altered by the process and themselves urlencoded/decoded...
kinda strange, must check that.

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