[thelist] FW: Heads Up! NetSol and invoices

Greg Strange gstrange at e-tsi.com
Fri Aug 18 01:24:51 CDT 2000

Thought everyone might want to check to see if their Network Solutions
invoice is conspicuously missing.  Your ISP might be filtering out this
email before it even gets to you.  I am forwarding the email from my
bind-users mail list.

Don't you just love Network Solutions?


> you may want to adjust/check your SPAM filters.
> I have just noticed that we've rejected emails with sender addresses
> invoice at rolemail.internic.net
> because there does not exist any A nor MX record for
> rolemail.internic.net
> although there is a
>    60739   PTR     rolemail.internic.net
> (the sending mailserver is at
> This is no forgery as
> Netname: NSI-NETBLK1
> Netblock: -
> and is within this range.
> If anyone at NetSol ist reading this, could you PLEASE fix it.

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