[thelist] Posting (was: Small Favor)

Jeff jeff at c4webdesign.com
Fri Aug 18 02:11:59 CDT 2000


: or you could reply to an email on the list to post

<tip type="email" author=".jeff">

*for the love of god*, please do *not* reply to a message to post a new
message.  if you do it'll end up deep within the thread when the messages
are shown threaded.  that's because every reply to a post gets a message-id
that points to the post that was replied to (it's parent).  new posts don't
have parents and rise to the top level when the messages are threaded.

just create a new message, address it to thelist at lists.evolt.org and give it
a subject line that is relevant to your post and send away.


good luck,


mailto:jeff at members.evolt.org

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