[thelist] Small Favor

Caroline Afzal caroline.afzal at udex.com
Fri Aug 18 05:33:01 CDT 2000

>How does one post messages in this forum, I tried posting directly on the
>bulletin board and using the email address that appears on all the posts
>I don't seem to get a reply.

Well, it should work. Just send your email to the list. 

>ooking for some help on how to partition up a new hard drive so that I can
>work with multiple browsers.
>I have all the down loads sitting in a file but not sure what would be the
>best way to set up the drive partitions.
>I have read that some of browsers will crash if they are on the same hard

I used to run IE 4 and 5 and different flavors of NS on the same partition
and on one operating system. I didn't experience any problems or crashing.
Every version was installed in its own assigned folder. However, with
reformatting my hard disk I have changed this. I have installed one version
of IE (IE 5.0) and one version of Netscape (NS 4.08) on my machine. I have
installed other versions on colleagues PC, so everyone has IE as our default
browser and then people have different versions of NS for testing purposes.
The reason for that is  that I am not sure if I install two different
versions of NS how it interacts with the dll's. To have clean versions I
only install one version of NS (that's the client's environment). I have to
make sure that everything does works with NS 4.08. This might not be such an
issue, it's just precaution.

If you install different versions on different partitions, the system files
will still be placed on your c drive. If you want clean installs you need to
install on the partion another operation system, otherwise just install your
browser, but be sure to create specfic folders for them.

Just my 2p!


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