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At 12:31 18/08/00, Zoe.Oughton at chi.nhs.uk wrote:

>I have just started a new job and I have to choose a computer, etc.

Does your tech strategy dept give you the choice?

>everyone else uses PCs within the organisation, but I want to use a Mac to
>develop the web site. I am used to the Mac, and much prefer it.

Actually, I started off the same way, but have come around to using PCs
just as much - as you're not doing colour critical stuff, most of the software
is the same (the Adobe & Macromedia suites in particular), and there are
bunch more coding tools for PC (Visual Studio, CF Studio etc)

>I shall be working mainly from home, travelling to London probably once a
>week, and I am looking at the G3 Power Books.  What I want to ask everyone
>is has anyone got experience of using Virtual PC on a Mac?

SoftWindows, but the idea's the same. It's PC hardware simulated in software,
so will be a touch on the slow side, but otherwise identical.

>Is it really
>like using a PC?  Font sizes aswell?  Will the Mac then be able to  connect
>to a  PC network?  Will I be able to run Lotus Notes?  Will checking a web
>site using Virtual PC on a Mac be like checking a web site on a PC?


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