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Paul Bradforth pbi at dircon.co.uk
Fri Aug 18 08:03:58 CDT 2000

On 18/8/00 at 12:31 pm, Zoe.Oughton at chi.nhs.uk wrote:

> I have just started a new job and I have to choose a computer, etc. 
> Now, everyone else uses PCs within the organisation, but I want to use
> a Mac to develop the web site. I am used to the Mac, and much prefer
> it.

Will you be the only person developing the site? When you say "everyone
else uses PCs", does that mean everyone else in a company whose product
is something other than Web work? I only ask because I'd imagine it
would make your life easier if you're talking about designing a site on
a Mac without having to do more than the odd bit of linking up with PCs,
rather than being part of a team designing a site mainly using PCs. If
you see what I mean... :-)

> I shall be working mainly from home, travelling to London probably
> once a week, and I am looking at the G3 Power Books.  What I want to
> ask everyone is has anyone got experience of using Virtual PC on a
> Mac?  Is it really like using a PC?  Font sizes aswell?  Will the Mac
> then be able to  connect to a  PC network?  Will I be able to run
> Lotus Notes?  Will checking a web site using Virtual PC on a Mac be
> like checking a web site on a PC?

Yes to all the above. VPC means you are actually running Windows, not
something that looks like Windows. It is an actual copy of Windows, like
you'd buy in a shop, with a separate registration number and everything.

> Any other advice that anyone has regarding working from home, working
> using a Power Book (I intend to get a seperate monitor, keyboard and
> mouse for when working at home - only using the PB alone when
> travelling), and working on a Mac when everyone else is on PCs would
> be gratefully received.

The only thing that occurs to me is that you'll have to be pretty on the
ball if you need to network the Mac with the PCs, as I doubt that you'll
be able to get much help from the PC users on that score, as there's no
reason why they should know how to network with a Mac...being the
minority faction might feel a bit awkward for you...

best wishes,


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