[thelist] CDONTS

Hoenig, Robert RHoenig at giddings.com
Fri Aug 18 09:00:14 CDT 2000

I am new to useing ASP.  I'm trying to send a using 
>Set objCDOMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")

When I submit the form I get the following error:

>Server object error 'ASP 0177 : 800401f3' 

>Server.CreateObject Failed 

>/Trackit/CDONTSMail.asp, line 29 

>Invalid class string 

The code is correct, I got it off of a help site and modified it a bit.  Can
someone please help me out.  Is there something that needs to be set up on
the server in order to use this feature of ASP?  

Thanks in advance

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