[thelist] registration ethics

J.B.Nick jbnick at postmark.net
Fri Aug 18 09:53:42 CDT 2000

Hello List,

I've gained so much from this list, and am so impressed with the
gracious generosity I see herein exemplified.  My question...I'm
wondering how y'all feel about the appropriateness of a webmaster
designating him or herself as the sole contact for administration,
technical and billing, when asked to register a site for a business or
organization to which he/she has only a contractual relation.  I mean,
for my own sites, I tend to put myself for everything, but when
registering for a client, instead I put me as admin, the ISP as tech
and the domain registrant as billing contact.  This seems to avoid any
potential conflict of interest, and provides some checks and balances.

Am I just a wuss?


PS sorry it took me so long to post to this (my favorite) list, but
I'm sort of shy...


To me, 
although it certainly makes life easier for the wm, there's potential
for conflict in the event of a dispute.  
J.B. Nick
jbnick at postmark.net

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