[thelist] open source development network

Daniel J. Cody djc at five2one.org
Fri Aug 18 10:09:35 CDT 2000

OSDN, sponsored by VA Linux is a 'vortal'(sorry, i hate the word too :)
for the open source community that is just getting started. They're
looking for partners for content for their site, and I wondered what you
all thought if we got evolt submitted to become a 'partner'?

They currently have all the andover.net sites(slashdot, freshmeat,
linux.com, etc) but I thought it might be cool if they had some content
from a group a little more towards the center(well.. ya know :) like

All of evolt's content, thoughts, etc are all 'open source' in a way
that they're all shared without material gain - which rings true with
many of the more hard core open source beliefs..

Just wondered what people might think, or if you had opinions or if that
would be a bad idea or what :)


thnx for the feedback 


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