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At 15:44 18/08/00, Zoe.Oughton at chi.nhs.uk wrote:

>Martin Burns wrote:
> > Actually, I started off the same way, but have come around to using PCs
>just as much - as you're not doing colour critical stuff, most of the
>is the same (the Adobe & Macromedia suites in particular), and there are
>bunch more coding tools for PC (Visual Studio, CF Studio etc)
>Oh don't tell me that!! I love the Mac.

Me too - but I'm not sure that Virtual PC on a Mac is going to be a nice
experience ;-)

My preference (if it were me) would be to have one of the following:
1) Fast Sony Vaio for development & office comms plus iMac for testing
2) dumbish Win laptop/docking station (eg Stinkpad) for office comms/mobility
    plus top notch G4 for development.

>Besides everything has to be
>checked on a Mac as well as a PC surely.  So one way or another I have to
>have access to a Mac don't I.  As I already have access to a PC (at office,
>and at home on my sons PC) I thought it best to get a top spec Mac with
>virtual PC.  That way I have the best of both worlds!

You'll certainly need a Mac about for testing if you're putting together
public sites. You'll also need a Linux box in your model office - there's
an article I wrote on the site detailing a rounded testing suite.

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