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John Snippe design at cybernautica.com
Fri Aug 18 11:22:18 CDT 2000

On 8/18/00,  regarding " Re: [thelist] DSL ",  Bob Davis offered the following:
>First, you need to know if this is ADSL or SDSL. ADSL is Asychronous 
>- faster down to you than up from you - and the more common type of 
>xDSL for the consumer market.  SDSL is Synchronous - same speed up 
>and down - and is more common for business providers.

Apparently, given that it is 2.2 in and .640 out, I would be looking 
at the ASDL.  Good info... something to follow up on!

>As far as speed goes, you need to know how many feet of copper (how 
>long is the actual line) there are between you and the Telco's CO. 
>Attenuation across the copper is what kills xDSL speed.  If you are 
>within a mile or so of the CO, you should be able to get good speed. 
>It depends on the hardware they are using though - advances every 
>day, just like all technology.

Apparently they are offering something new in the modem department...

>Be advised that if you have load coils, mod-taps, a SLIC, etc. 
>between you and the CO, it won't work at all.  xDSL is pretty picky. 
>Your Telco and provider should be able to tell you if your location 
>"qualifies" for service.

I've been told (but it has not been verified by actual service-guy 
activity) that I do indeed qualify

>>  I am considering putting up a web-server... Mac
>>  OS (X?)
>That could be a problem.  A lot of these companies prohibit that, 
>and use packet filtering (or something else) to block the use of a 
>web server at the client end.  It might not work.

Not a problem... it was something I spec'ed at the front-end.  At 
$450/ mo, this isn't just for access!

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