[thelist] whatis.com redesigned into uselessness.

Joe Crawford joe at artlung.com
Fri Aug 18 11:55:52 CDT 2000

Just sent this through the contact form for http://whatis.com/

What the heck did you do to your site? It used to be I could type
http://whatis.com/xml.htm or http://whatis.com/binary.htm or
http://whatis.com/html.htm and get an instant answer. It had a clear layout,
and was easy to read. Now your definition layout is confusing, cluttered,
and stupid.

What on EARTH were you thinking. The only damn thing that was good was the
clarity, and you killed it.

Sadly, I'll be looking for another resource now.

What's more, their whole reason for traffic was no doubt because people
linked to things like http://whatis.com/wap.htm - but they have BROKEN every
one of those former URLs.

Anyone who does this kind of a radical redesign of the content and the
usability to a content site deserves the wrath of users.


    - Joe
p.s.: I wish I had archived the whole site. :-(
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