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John Snippe design at cybernautica.com
Fri Aug 18 13:41:12 CDT 2000

On 8/18/00,  regarding " Re: WebObjects ",  Chris Hansen offered the following:

>  > On 8/18/00,  regarding " Re: WebObjects ",  Chris Hansen offered the
>>>I had WebObjects and OS X Server installed on my home server for a while.
>>>--Chris Hansen
>>  and what happened?
>I didn't have a lot of time to play with them (I was evaluating the products
>for my employer), but I was impressed with what I saw.  At that point in
>time, I didn't know much Java so the learning curve associated with
>WebObjects was pretty steep.  Also, Mac OS X Server was in its 1.0
>incarnation so there were some rough edges.  I did like the technology
>enough that I will definitely be spending more time with it in the future.
>I'd be happy to answer any specific questions that you may have as best as I
>can.  HTH
>  >>  > Has anyone on the list played with OS X Server / WebObjects yet?

I know absolutely nada about Java... should I fuggittaboutit?

The reasons I am even considering OS X / WebObjects are as follows:

First, because I am led to believe that it would be the optimal way 
for me to create a solution to a problem I am having with a lasso/fmp 
thing I am working on, wherein I wish to do a 'deep link', but only 
on parts of the originating source-code.  Confused and interested, or 
suspect you may have an alternate solution?  I can explain further if 
you wish.

Second, I am in the late preliminary stages of decding whether or not 
to set up a standalone webserver... and it would seem to me that this 
would be a good direction to take to create some separation between 
myself and 'the rest of the pack'.

Third, this is 'best of class' technology, and getting a handle on it 
can only mean GoodThings for my business, if it doesn't kill me first 

And finally, I am a Mac junkie, and this stuff is The New Mac, right?

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