[thelist] CF - Random Rows?

Frank framar at interlog.com
Fri Aug 18 14:55:10 CDT 2000

I'm trying to create the situation whereby I can access a random 
record from the lot. I had originally used max and min, but if a 
record is deleted from the set, and the random number turns out to be 
the ID of the deleted record, there's a problem.

Now, as I've got it set up (see below) I'm getting that there are too 
few parameters. Why isn't Int(GetExisting.ID) seen as a legitimate 
int? Does anyone know the work around?

<!--- Choose all existing records --->
<cfquery name="GetExisting" datasource="#datasource#">
    FROM Address

<!--- Select a random property from the existing records--->
<cfquery name="GetRand" datasource="#datasource#">
    SELECT MAX(Int(GetExisting.ID)) as MaxProp,
           MIN(Int(GetExisting.ID)) as MinProp
    FROM Address

<cfoutput query="GetRand">
    #RandRange(MinProp, MaxProp)#

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