[thelist] CDONTS

kev.skindrill kev.skindrill at bigfoot.com
Sun Aug 20 08:28:37 CDT 2000

> what email server are you using?
> if you're leaning on the IIS SMTP server, check in the following places:
> \Mailroot\Queue to see if its still there; the .rtr is the log file
> explaining why its still queued
> \Mailroot\BadMail contains failed emails along with a report as to why it
> died
> and the smtp log file...

Sorry Scott, I've been away & have only just had a chance to answer you. I'm
not entirely sure what server I am using, I have purchased a re-seller
account & all I know is that my sites are on an NT server. If this
information means I can do as you say could you please tell me in more
detail how I can check these files, do I do it with my FTP software?
(Terrapin, if that helps)

P.S. Thanks for all the replies about fonts, unfortunately I wasn't able to
locate the one I was after. I guess I'll have to track down the guy who
originally set the type for me.

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