[thelist] whatis.com redesigned into uselessness.

Hugh Blair hblair at coffeebeanshop.com
Sun Aug 20 09:46:18 CDT 2000

Of course this begs the question, what are the copyright issues if
these pages are put up at another site?  Hmmm.

Write me offlist and we can discuss the space.

hblair at bigfoot.com

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> Subject: Re: [thelist] whatis.com redesigned into uselessness.
> From: Daniel J. Cody <djc at five2one.org>
> > now if only someone could write a script that queryied googles cached
> > pages for former whatis.com terms and wrote them to an archive :)
> >
> > >     - Joe
> > > p.s.: I wish I had archived the whole site. :-(
> I've gotten 1161 whatis.com pages from google just now. (through a recursive
> search ...)
> If someone want's to give me decent 6 MB hosting space I can put them up
> there. My server would be "down" at three concurrent connections (16KB
> upload :( )
>  - michiel trimpe

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