[thelist] Owed tip

kev.skindrill kev.skindrill at bigfoot.com
Sun Aug 20 16:33:21 CDT 2000

I have finally worked out my CDONTS problem & as usual it was something
blindingly obvious, well to us newbies anyway. Because this might be of
interest to anyone here learning ASP I thought I would offer it up as a tip.

<tip type="CDONTS">
When using the CDONTS method of sending e-mails with ASP the "FROM" line
MUST contain a valid e-mail address and not just the name of the sender, for
obj.From = kjs at ratking.co.uk
Like I said, simple & obvious but it took me ages to figure it out. I
thought just a name would suffice to show up in the "From" section of an
e-mail (DOH!). Thanks once again for all your help :)


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