[thelist] Site ridicule

Patricia Meeks pmeeks at email.msn.com
Sun Aug 20 18:02:07 CDT 2000


> http://www.bensons-print.co.uk
> Oh yeah, one last thing, before you say anything about the colour scheme
> Steve, it was my boss' choice :)

I'm right in the middle of a project where the client is insisting on
certain colors for reasons I can not comprehend, so I do know what it's like
to be caught in that bind.

If this were my site, I would get rid of the purple strips. I think they are
way too strong and it also looks like you don't have all your links filled

I would drop the smaller logo on the home page. It makes no sense to me to
have two logos on the same page. One is enough. Also, if the logo is like
the trademark, an important identifying symbol, then, on subsequent pages
you can use a small version of it to unify your design, but put it at the
top. If it's so unimportant that it can go at the bottom, then get rid of

I would also decrease the size of the main logo. It's far bigger than it
needs to be.

I would tighten up the address. If you have Fireworks or another gif
program, use a nice, clean font for the business name and address. Look at
the better corporate sites to see how they handle addresses and phone
numbers. Find ones that looks good to you and then copy the style. That's
the best way to go about it if you don't have design experience. I have a
large collection of bookmarked sites where I like the solutions of how
different elements are handled. I refer to them often for ideas.

Also, you don't have that many links, so I don't think you need to run a
whole purple panel down the left side. In addition, just because those are
the colors the client wanted, doesn't mean you are restricted to just those
two colors plus black. You could balance it with tints of those colors in
selected areas.

Just my opinion...let's see what other comments you receive.

Regards, Pat
pmeeks at msn.com

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