[thelist] Help with a dhtml script please!!!!!

Sun Aug 20 23:15:01 CDT 2000


Im trying to get this damm dhtml script to work but truth be told I dont
know what I am doing.


(Dont worry about the actual links- i havent bothered with them at the
moment. I will alter them later... )

It works in IE5 and NN4.5 on a PC and in NN3 it sort of works (doesn't
expand or shrink but I understand that is just the way NN3 is.. this is
fine with me). 

When I try to open the page in NN6 (preview 2) it dosnt work at all. Any
ideas why not? As far as I know NN6 follows the "rules" to the letter
and as I would rather follow these rules, I'm assuming I'm doing
something wrong!?!?

I dont have a clue how it looks or works on a MAC either so if anyone
has a mac and give me a bit of feedback on this front (let me know your
browser also please)it would be very welcome.

I AM desperate.. ive been butting my head against this prob all weekend
and I give up.. your help is requested!!!

Thanks in advance!!!!


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