[thelist] Copy site designs... again

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 23 01:16:43 CDT 2000

i like this 

"Pop-ups also destroy the back button thereby making it difficult to 
return to previous pages. Many sites would do quite good by 
simply removing the tag target="_blank" in the link anchor."

ignoring the obvious grammatical errors, i don't define opening 
offsite links in new windows as a "pop-up" window... on-site links in 
new windows is generally unwise for other reasons, though... but 
still, it doesn't make it hard to return to previous pages, if anything 
it leaves an trail of browser windows behind that's just as easy to 
access as the back button...

- it's hard to take someone seriously who makes even Jakob look 
- it's hard to take someone seriously when his/her site looks like 
- it's hard to take someone seriously when the grammar and 
spelling in an *article* (web or not) -- making points about how 
users read -- is atrocious...
- he doesn't link to my frames article on the site, only to Jakob's.... 
obviously he's misguided...


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