[thelist] Copy site designs... again

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Mon Oct 23 02:08:21 CDT 2000

What I really dislike with this site (and of course Neilsson's) is the use
of full-page width text. There is no spacing at all around the text, which
makes browsing with a larger screen resolution very tiring on the eyes. At
least a <blockquote> tag would help relieve eyestrain on such a site. If you
think about the extra "tracking" the eye must perform to read such wide
lines of text, one can understand how the process tires the eyes more

Also, he overuses the interaction between bold and normal text in his
articles, which misleads the eye.

Regarding his grammar, it's worth taking into account that he is Danish. But
then given the circumstances, I find myself agreeing completely with
Aardvark's views regarding this.

I think that what I dislike most about the majority of so called useability
experts I have come across, is their patronising "I know it all" tone of
voice. I mean I find myself more and more coming to the conclusion that
these guys do what they do, simply because they haven't got the first
fscking idea about actual design. Grrrr! How dare people send out
provocative links like this in time for Monday morning! Now I'm gonna be
grumpy for erm, at least 5 minutes :-)


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> i like this 
> (http://www.bohmann.dk/articles/usability_problems_to_fix_today.ht
> ml):
> "Pop-ups also destroy the back button thereby making it difficult to 
> return to previous pages. Many sites would do quite good by 
> simply removing the tag target="_blank" in the link anchor."
> ignoring the obvious grammatical errors, i don't define opening 
> offsite links in new windows as a "pop-up" window... on-site links in 
> new windows is generally unwise for other reasons, though... but 
> still, it doesn't make it hard to return to previous pages, 
> if anything 
> it leaves an trail of browser windows behind that's just as easy to 
> access as the back button...
> also...
> - it's hard to take someone seriously who makes even Jakob look 
> mellow...
> - it's hard to take someone seriously when his/her site looks like 
> Jakob's...
> - it's hard to take someone seriously when the grammar and 
> spelling in an *article* (web or not) -- making points about how 
> users read -- is atrocious...
> - he doesn't link to my frames article on the site, only to 
> Jakob's.... 
> obviously he's misguided...
> anyway...
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