[thelist] Javascript & IE

Julia Frizzell Julia_Frizzell at Brown.edu
Mon Oct 23 08:18:11 CDT 2000

My boss asked me a question today, so I thought I'd turn it over to 
the javascript experts.

He has a survey he's working on for one of our departments, and it 
involves going through multiple pages.

One of the good things about IE is that if you hit enter/return, it 
submits the form, so you don't have to click on the submit button. 
But that also could be one of the *bad* things about IE, if, for 
example, users hit enter/return at a point other than when they're 
done with the form.

Netscape doesn't have this issue.

Is there any way, using javascript, that he can disable this feature? 
Any advice would be appreciated, by me and him! :)


Julia Frizzell
julia_frizzell at brown.edu
glyneth at netspace.org
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