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Mon Oct 23 10:09:51 CDT 2000

At 10:44 AM 10/23/2000 -0400, you wrote:

>Instead of getting a grand total in the BdCostTotal form field, I get an
>appended answer.  Let's say I put the value
>1 in BdCost Advertising field and 2 in the BdCost Labor field.  Instead of
>getting 3, I get 12.  I tried adding "eval"
>before each (document.Front...) and received a NaN response.
>function calculate()
>document.FrontPage_Form2.BdCostTotal.value =
>((document.FrontPage_Form2.BdCostAdvertising.value) +
>(document.FrontPage_Form2.BdCostLabor.value) +
>(document.FrontPage_Form2.BdCostTravel.value) +
>(document.FrontPage_Form2.BdCostDisposal.value) +
>(document.FrontPage_Form2.BdCostWarehouse.value) +
>(document.FrontPage_Form2.BdCostFreight.value) +
>(document.FrontPage_Form2.BdCostRepackaging.value) +
>(document.FrontPage_Form2.BdCostPostage.value) +
>(document.FrontPage_Form2.BdCostPrintedMaterial.value) +
>(document.FrontPage_Form2.BdCostProduct.value) +
>(document.FrontPage_Form2.BdCostProfits.value) +
>If I'm asking elementary questions and you know of a list that would 
>better suit
>my level, please advise of such list.

It sounds to me like one or more elements in your field values aren't 
numbers (Javascript doesn't treat a null string as a number from what I 
recall).  You might want to put a default value of "0" in all your fields 
to make sure that any empty ones are treated as numbers during your 
math.  Or you can use a cheap hack like 
(document.FrontPage_Form2.BdCostAdvertising.value+1-1) + [...] and so on 
..  The +1-1 will force it to a number.  It's a hack, I know, but it should 
work, if you're looking for a quick fix.

The 0 value in your fields is probably a better idea though, unless you 
want the fields to be empty from the start, for design reasons..

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