[thelist] Dreamweaver Tutorial? List?

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Mon Oct 23 13:05:08 CDT 2000

At 10:49 AM 10/23/2000, you wrote:

suggestions?  I like a mature list like this one that doesn't waste time
talking about the bake sale last week...know what I mean?

Why not here??? ;-)

<TIP AUTHOR="Anthony Baratta" TYPE="ASP">

Its been said before and bears repeating: Trim your data when you pull from 
forms and from Databases!!



Especially when you are stuffing the data into the key of a dictionary object.

	dictArray(Trim(obj_RecordSet("DatabaseColumnName1"))) = 

You will eliminate many nasty unprovoked errors using this method. Its 
almost magical!! LOL Please don't ask my why this works or why trimming 
white space from either end cleans up data from forms or databases so that 
ASP can use it, or even why data from forms and databases is not clean to 
begin with - I'm tired of ranting.

Anthony Baratta
Keyboard Jockeys

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