[thelist] Help With This Color

Erika Meyer meyer at up.edu
Mon Oct 23 14:53:10 CDT 2000

oh, this reminds me of the first (& only) HTML class I took at a 
community training center: we were given a list of 'colors' with very 
poetic names: gold was among them... and I remember how so many of 
them looked like crap (none were web-safe) and how the gold did 
indeed look green.

It doesn't hurt to stay safe.

<tip type="color safety">
Many of the colors which are on the official list of colors that the 
browsers are supposed to recognize... oh I forget where this is, 
probably the w3c HTML specs... are NOT web safe.

You may as well just use the hex code for the web safe palette 
(#CCCCCC) as opposed to using words ("silver" -- not the same, & not 
safe) to designate colors.

While it isn't possible to be totally consistent across different 
platforms, it's helpful to have a certain level of control.

>  Lightening it up a bit did let me see the different orange/yellow
>colors, but the "gold" recommended looked "green" on my monitor :-).

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