[thelist] Opinions regarding search categories

Bob Forgey rforgey at alumni.caltech.edu
Mon Oct 23 15:18:42 CDT 2000

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Cook <sck at biljettpoolen.se> writes:

    Steve> Hi folks,
    Steve> I wonder if anyone could lend me an opinion. Over the weekend, I finally
    Steve> finished programming an administration tool for my site http://wapwarp.com
    Steve> which allows me to go in and alter search categories, move around links from
    Steve> category to category and generally improve the state of my directory. (About
    Steve> blooming time too!)

    Steve> I know that Yahoo! employ more trained librarians than anything else, who
    Steve> have advanced degrees in organising content under structured headings. Well,
    Steve> unfortunately I don't have the budget for that (I don't have 1 cent in
    Steve> budget actually!) so I was wondering two things - firstly if anyone knows
    Steve> any sources of articles that discuss category layouts and secondly whether
    Steve> anyone has any opinions regarding changes to my existing list of categories
    Steve> (which I have included below to avoid having to browse through the whole
    Steve> site). 

There's a fellow who decided to go with the Dewey Decimal system. That 
way, you'll never have to change your system, and there are lots of
people already hard at work helping you classify things:


Check out http://ivory.lm.com/~mundie/DDHC/organizing_computers.html
for his article.


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