[thelist] Webmonkey article: Death of Websafe

James Spahr james at designframe.com
Mon Oct 23 15:35:04 CDT 2000

on 10/23/00 4:04 PM, Erika Meyer at meyer at up.edu wrote:

> I would _never_ consider telling a print designer how to design for
> print.  It's not my area of expertise, and I know it.  So why do
> print designers go around telling web designers how to do their job?
> I was just wondering.

You know there are 'print designers' do the same thing in print. They show
the comps and mechanicals to the printers and they laugh (or cry) at the

Good printers come up with creative solutions to production problems that
designers present to them.

Why should web production be any different?

Before anyone starts pounding the keyboard listing all the reasons why print
is different from the web, this is not a print vs web thing. This is
"understanding that different people can contribute to projects in different
ways" thing.

Not every designer has the mind to understand the technical aspects of the
production process - but the fact that their mind is seeing the world in a
vastly different perspective is a tremendous asset.

Not every industrial designer understands the limitations of injection
molding, not every print designer understands paper grain, not every web
designer understands document structure.


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