[thelist] Livechat?

John Dowdell jdowdell at macromedia.com
Mon Oct 23 19:15:04 CDT 2000

It's amazing how easy and fast this is with the free Shockwave Power
Applets... you can be up and running in five minutes, no kidding:



--  Contains finished generic DCR along with HTML tags... put in your page,
upload, that's it.

--  The majority of consumers have the Shockwave Player... no weird
downloads, no Java issues.

--  Uses free serving for up to 16 simultaneous users on the Macromedia server.

--  If you prefer to host up to 50 simultaneous users on your own server,
then this is a free additional download:

--  Higher numbers of simultaneous users require purchase of the Director

--  Source DIR files are included so you can customize the appearance of
the chat applet in a purchased or trial version of Director... no scripting
required, just drag'n'drop the chat behaviors on individual objects.

--  The Shockwave MultiUser Server is very fast, reliable, and scales
upward to many, many users... there is Pop.X support for up to thousands of
simultaneous users.

--  For many, many users you may wish to set up rings of smaller users,
perhaps with its peer-to-peer abilities.

--  This is not restricted to just text... the Shockwave MultiUser Server
can transmit images and other media from one system to another.

--  Demos of graphic-enhanced chat:


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