[thelist] IIS Directory Structure

Billy Hutton BillyH at phx.effectnet.net
Mon Oct 23 19:38:11 CDT 2000

I have what I hope is a pretty simple question.  All our websites are stored
in their own folders on a sibling level with wwwroot.  In order to make
branding and changes to the entire site easier, I also have a folder named
"Include" which contains a virtualheader.js, virtualfooter.js and global.css

These files are all included in the html and asp source of every file for
the site.  Here's how the directory structure looks.

- INetPub
	- Include
	- Signup
	- Provision
	- wwwroot

Under MMC, each folder is basically it's own site, identified by an "A
Record" in DNS.  signup.domain.com, provisioning.domain.com, etc.  The
includes for all the files in the "Signup" and "Provisioning" folders look
like this "../Include/global.css", etc.  The problem is that since the "Home
Directory" property for signup.domain.com is "Signup", it can't see the
folder above it's home directory, so it leaves out the includes and the
style sheet.  

Is there any way to make this Include folder visible?  Or do I have to
maintain a copy of the Include folder in each site's folder.  :(


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