[thelist] IIS4 v. "IIS5"

Billy Hutton BillyH at phx.effectnet.net
Mon Oct 23 21:22:56 CDT 2000

Quick question if anyone knows the answer... (I sure hope so!)

I have an ASP page that submits to itself, does some form validation, does a
little ODBC, calls a COM object, and basically otherwise abuses the server.
If everything comes out okay, I do a Response.Redirect  "http://new.url".
If not, I just let the page reload, kick out a few error messages in some
alert boxes, and let the user fix whatever is broken.  I have to do this
because there are some checks that must happen server side like credit card

Anyway... I developed under Windows2000 using IIS5.  Turns out I have to
host on NT4.0 with IIS4.  My code that worked fine on IIS5 now throws the
following error on IIS4.
Response object error 'ASP 0156 : 80004005' 
Header Error 
/Provision2.asp, line 30 
The HTTP headers are already written to the client browser. Any HTTP header
modifications must be made before writing page content. 
Is there a "better" way to redirect to a new page on reload?

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