[thelist] search/sitemap controls

carlos garcia cgarcia at manquehue.net
Mon Oct 23 23:10:29 CDT 2000

>I'm fishing for input on whether it's a good idea to combine sitemap
>and search on the same page. (site map or sitemap?)

It's not a bad idea to have a search engine on a site map, but if your site 
is that small, it looks redundant.

>  Or is it best to stick with convention and
>have a separate controls for search and sitemap, even on a relatively
>small site (50-odd pages) like mine?

I would go with the two separate controls. The site map is good if you want 
to locate a whole section on your site, and the search tends to focus more 
on specifics. I would add a link in the site map page to access the search, 
but that's just to make navigation easier for the visitor.

I like the design here. It's slick, simple, and very intuitive. Users 
should have no problems browsing this site. And this is just a comment, 
maybe you already had it planned, but make sure that the logo (Criminal 
Lawyer, etc) also links to home. I think that's it.



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