[thelist] Opinions regarding search categories

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Tue Oct 24 01:28:07 CDT 2000

Thanks for the tip Bob. His article is interesting and of course the Dewwy
Decial system has a lot to recommend it in certain cases. However I have a
problem with a clasification system that is so heavily biased. I mean look
at the section for religion...

200 Religion
210 Natural theology
220 Bible
230 Christian theology
240 Christian moral theology
250 Christian orders
260 Christian social theology
270 Christian Church History
280 Christian denominations
290 Other religions

Now, this is certainly useful for some people, but it is completely
irrelevant for the sort of sites I am categorising.

Having said that, it does have certain areas of classification that I will
be examining, the sub categories under computing seem to make a lot of
sense. I'm gonna have to be a bit selective with it though - there appear to
be more categories than there are WAP sites :-)

Thanks also to Shoshanna for the book tip - I'll be following that up.

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> There's a fellow who decided to go with the Dewey Decimal 
> system. That 
> way, you'll never have to change your system, and there are lots of
> people already hard at work helping you classify things:
> http://ivory.lm.com/~mundie/DDHC/DDH.html
> Check out http://ivory.lm.com/~mundie/DDHC/organizing_computers.html
> for his article.
> Bob
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