[thelist] Livechat?

s t e f || n o t a - b e n e . o r g stef at nota-bene.org
Tue Oct 24 03:33:12 CDT 2000

[sender: Janet F. || date: 12:42 23/10/2000 -0500]
>You may find it interesting that Human Click was just bought out by LiveChat
>(I think that's the name).  Anyway, I found out a few months ago, that they
>integrate spyware into the program which allows them to watch your behavior
>and whereabouts on the net.  I uninstalled the program when I found this out
>and wrote a letter to the president of Human Click.  Needless to say, I
>never heard back from him.

SO. I said it's impressive.
Now I won't use it...

s t e f

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