Resizing Windows (was RE: [thelist] Copy site designs... again)

Scott_Brady at Scott_Brady at
Tue Oct 24 09:40:54 CDT 2000

With few exceptions (mainly, Windows Explorer), I keep all of my windows
maximized whenever possible.  If I want to see what's happening in another
window, it's just an ALT-TAB away.  In fact, I work in a department of
developers, and most of us seem to keep our windows maximized.

I think of it this way:  I want my browser to take up my full-screen so I can be
immersed in it. (I even have the Windows Task Bar set to Auto-Hide so I can have
that extra half inch or so)  It's kind of like people buying the biggest TV.  If
you get that big of a TV, do you really plan to only use part of the screen at
one time?  (however, I do prefer letter-boxed widescreen movies to pan-and-scan
movies, because I get the whole picture that way . . . but I'd much prefer a
wide-screen TV)

Don't assume that resizing a window "never occurs" to users running at high
resolutions.  Some people actually prefer it that way.


Andrew Jones <aijones at> on 10/23/2000 08:11:48 AM

 Users above 1024x768 browsing with their window at maximum width confounds me.
They know windows can be resized, but resizing the browser window never occurs
to them. Instead they blame the web site for stretching across the screen. I
imagine they run all of their applications at maximum

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