[thelist] Getting TWO emails from the List

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Tue Oct 24 10:10:09 CDT 2000

> This might sound very weird but it happened
> to me - are you using Outlook?
> If so, a rule to (eg) move thelist messages
> to a folder will do this if you have 2
> rules.  Which is really dumb, but there
> you are.

To be specific, Outlook will duplicate the message if you have two rules
moving it to different folders; for example, I have one rule set up to move
[thelist] emails to one folder, [Admin] emails to another. If I get an email
that has both in the subject line, both rules fire and I get the same
message in both folders. Kinda annoying.

The most likely culprit is being subbed twice, which I'm sure is being
worked out by our supersexy mega-admin Dan....


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