[thelist] Google's new advertising scheme

kev.skindrill kev.skindrill at bigfoot.com
Tue Oct 24 15:01:47 CDT 2000

> thought I should point out the new DIY advertising scheme that Google has
> produced. It's pretty cool. You get a chance to try out how an ad (or
> of ads) would look and how many thousands of impressions a day certain
> keywords would give. It's fun to just play with, even if like me you have
> money to spend on the service.
> https://adwords.google.com/AdWords/Welcome.html

Have any of you tried this yet, it's fantastic! Nice one Steve :)
I've just run an ad with most of the key words & phrases I've used in my
boss' website for the printing company and it shows that the word "printing"
has thousands of hits but the phrase "lithographic printing", which I
thought would be popular, rated a big fat zero. This does seem an excellent
way of testing out keywords & phrases before using them.

kev at ratking.co.uk

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