[thelist] CF: Fusebox question

Frank framar at interlog.com
Tue Oct 24 15:02:34 CDT 2000

>"Frank" <framar at interlog.com> wrote in message

>>  Every fuseaction is either cfincluded or cfmoduled into
>>  the index page though a case statement. Why is it that a
>>  page that is cfmoduled cannot access the datasource
>>  wheras the page that is cfincluded can?

>  Cfmodule causes the included file to be processed in
>  it's own memory space [snip]

>  Does that make sense?

It does, thank you. May I ask how you know this? Many people seem to 
have an insight into the inner workings of CF that I can't find in 
any of the reference manuals (and yes, my Ben Forta books are on the 
way from the bookstore right now). Is there another source that you 
would suggest that I look up to acquire this class of info?

>  If you really need to use cfmodule, put your datasource
>  variable in the application scope. That way, all
>  templates within that directory can access the variable
>  regardless of how they are called.

Interestingly enough, the fusebox white paper suggest that cfmoduled 
templates don't have access to application variables. I might have 
misread. I'll look into that again.

>  hope that helps

I sure does. Thanks!

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