[thelist] IIS Directory Structure

Billy Hutton BillyH at phx.effectnet.net
Tue Oct 24 17:47:39 CDT 2000

Great question.  The real problem arose due to some backup and sharing
requirements.  We're actually using three IIS machines behind a "floater ip"
or load balancer.  I don't really know the details of the file structure.  I
just work with what your NT admins give me.  :)

For different "owners", they will each have their own include directory.  So
permissions aren't really a problem.  The real problem was how to include
the same directory among some sibling level folders.

Thanks again for the quick fix Scott, and thanks everyone else for raising
even more questions about the process.  It's nice to cover all the bases.

- Billy

> > - INetPub
> > - Include
> > - Signup
> > - Provision
> > - wwwroot
> >
> >
> > Is there any way to make this Include folder visible?  Or do I have to
> > maintain a copy of the Include folder in each site's folder.  :(
> Create a virtual directory in each site for the Include directory, and
> it to the right spot in the filesystem.
> >From there your include will look like "/Include/global.css" instead of
> "../Include/global.css"

Would this create security issues if the owner of each site was different
had access to their site's files? Since the virtual directory is located
within their site, would you have to set permissions to be read-only?

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