[thelist] CSS and Netscape

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Wed Oct 25 06:41:14 CDT 2000


>> form, including the CSS part. So I removed everything that was between my
>> header and my footer (let's reduce the problem) and was left with only
>> CSS and my code.
>> Still no go in Netscape.
>> However, removing the CSS code was magic.
>> The pages are at:
>> http://theforce.net/snowboards/halloween2000/test1.html  (the full page)

>this displays, with content, just fine for me (i assume)...

Doesn't display for me with NN 4.75. I guess it's local to that version
number. I also run Millennium.

>> http://theforce.net/snowboards/halloween2000/testcss.html (reduced page,
>> with CSS code)
>> http://theforce.net/snowboards/halloween2000/testnocss.html (reduced
>> without CSS code, visible in Netscape)

>these two show only the header, no content... but there is no
>content in the source code, either...

if by header, you mean the graphical header of the page, then that's all
there is in those reduced pages. If you mean the code between the head and
/head code, then there's a problem.

You're getting nothing with the testnocss.html page too? That one does
render for me in Netscape 4.75 ..



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