[thelist] CSS and Netscape

Lea leal at viking.org.au
Wed Oct 25 06:47:02 CDT 2000

Nicole wrote:
> The pages are at:
> http://theforce.net/snowboards/halloween2000/test1.html  (the full page)
> http://theforce.net/snowboards/halloween2000/testcss.html (reduced page,
> with CSS code)
> http://theforce.net/snowboards/halloween2000/testnocss.html (reduced page,
> without CSS code, visible in Netscape)

> Can anyone give me a clue? Please?

One suggestion:
Your CSS uses different case - sometimes arial and helvetica are in
title case, sometimes they are ni lowercase.
I believe they need to match the actual case of the font name (title

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