[thelist] T1 via satellite?

Jen Worden jen at meadoworks.com
Wed Oct 25 09:51:32 CDT 2000

Hi Nick ...

At 08:34 AM 10/25/00 -0600, Baker, Nick wrote:
>	I'm tempted, but would like to know if anyone has  satellite tales
>to tell, and if $1,200 is a fair price for a receiver and antenna.
>	Anyone know?

We live in the wilds of Nova Scotia and are in a similar situation - no
cable(they won't run it down our road - across the lake? no prob! :( ), no
DSL and lousy phone lines to boot.

We purchased our satellite service from BellExpressVu though haven't used
it yet (still have to network the computers - so much to do, so little
time) but $1200US seems excessive. We paid $300 for the dish and about $400
for the card. The monthly fee seems about the same plus of course, your
current ISP fees. Oh! and this is all in Canadian buckditoes.

HTH ... Jen

PS. I'll let you know what the service is like - we should be up and
running this weekend. Hooya! ;)
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