[thelist] T1 via satellite?

Mark Nickel mnickel at www.llamacom.com
Wed Oct 25 09:57:51 CDT 2000

Is that a bi-directional link?  

I am *very* familiar with the services of DirecPC and I know that the plan
to offer bi-directional feed through the dish.  

Historically, though, the satellite system is a speedy download
through the satellite dish whilst your mouse clicking and various
uploading is done through your modem to the ISP.  Very clever packet
re-writing to achive this capability.  As a result, sometimes the
installation can be a bit tricky.  As your networking stuff under Windows
needs to be installed in a specific order to make everything work nicely.  

One of our company owners lives in the wilds and has his Internet access
through the satellite.  He loves it as most of his Internet time is spent
downloading verses uploading.  We've spent a great deal of time getting
this working for him.  The end result is that he's able to VPN into the
company through the satellite.  For him, it rules!


On Wed, 25 Oct 2000, Baker, Nick wrote:

> Here in the wilds of Montana--even in the thriving metropolis of Missoula
> (Hub of Five Valleys) we do not have readily available (i.e affordable by a
> person like myself) fiber or wire DSL, ISDN, etc. We do, however, have a
> satellite service offering T1 speed at $50US/ month--if you buy the hardware
> at $1,200US. 
> 	I'm tempted, but would like to know if anyone has  satellite tales
> to tell, and if $1,200 is a fair price for a receiver and antenna.
> 	Anyone know?
> 		Nick   &%{>
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