[thelist] CGI cart vs PHP cart

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Wed Oct 25 11:06:29 CDT 2000

> this from scratch. So the question is : Which is better(and 
> why) CGI or PHP?

by the by, php *is* CGI (Common Gateway Interface), just all fancy-schmancy
implementation of it. The difference is where CGI is the process of the web
server executing a process (any executable program, written in any language)
and communicating with it through stdin and stdout (i.e. the command line
and print statements, respectively), php, ASP, CF and the like bring the
execution closer to the web server process (by gettin all up in the web
server's business), taking out some of the overhead of CGI (among other
stuff, but I'm waving my hands a little here). 

I presume that when you say CGI, you're tweaking perl scripts? php, from
what I've seen of it, shouldn't be that much of a stretch, but I must admit
I've not seen much php other than what comes up on the list, but I think its
a fair sampling....

(I just wanted to point out the CGI thing)

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